Increased Programming Costs Causes Rise in 2018 Cable Rates

Due to increases in programming costs that RTU pays to local TV stations and satellite programmers such as ESPN, we will be adjusting cable rates effective January 1, 2018.

NONE of the additional fees you pay will stay with RTU.

RTU continues to look for ways to reduce our programming costs in order to limit future increases. Unfortunately, we have very little control over what networks charge us for their channels. We appreciate your understanding and thank you very much for choosing RTU for your telecommunications services.

Package 2017 Rate Increase 2018 Rate
Limited Basic $26.20 $3.31 $29.51
Basic $73.45 $3.48 $76.93
Digital Plus $85.00 $3.48 $88.48
HD Plus $88.15 $3.48 $91.63
DVR Plus $98.55 $3.48 $102.13


As the graphic below demonstrates, the entire 2018 increase will go toward increased network fees. The largest percentage of those increases will go to the local TV stations who are raising re-transmission consent fees by up to 87%.