Community Owned for Community Benefit

RTU was formed in June of 2000 at the direction of Reinbeck citizens who wanted local control and access to the latest broadband technology.

RTU is governed by a five-member Board of Trustees. Board members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Reinbeck City Council. RTU belongs to YOU.

As a municipal utility, RTU has only ONE goal: to offer the best possible service to citizens at the lowest possible cost. We don’t make profits to send to distant shareholders. We are supported by the fees you pay for our services, not property taxes. And we are constantly reinvesting in the RTU network to increase reliability and improve services.

We thank the citizens of Reinbeck for supporting their locally owned and governed broadband company!

RTU Staff

Tyler Morgan - General Manager
Adam Sager - Technician
James Wiegman - Technician

RTU Board of Directors

Dan Smoldt - Board Chair
Donovan Devore - Board Member
Adrian Johnson - Board Member
Nick Suender - Board Member
Ben Robertson - Board Member